Sunday, October 17, 2010


stories and art by

Rafael Grampa

Nick Bertozzi

Gene Luen Yang

Frank Santoro

Kate Beaton

Jillian Tamaki

Shannon Wheeler

Jeff Lemire

Nicholas Gurewitch

Phew that's a long list of insane talent that you may or may not have heard of, but Marvel is doing an awesome job of letting loose their properties for these mad scientists to do their respective tweeking to. These are tales that you wont find anywhere else. I personally find it genius to take characters firmly embedded into the mainstream comic world and giving them an underground, contemporary non super hero take. This takes peanut butter and jelly and gives you awesome! The cover art is by the indie warrior from Brazil, Rafael Grampa whose artwork is staggering and unforgettable and it probably wont be long until Marvel has him illustrate a full book on one of their beloved super dupes. Jeff Lemire brings his rugged Canadian bad ass self and mixes up a Wendigo slash man thing cross over, chock filled with mounties. Frank Santoro creates an amazing colorful dream like Silver Surfer tale of unrequited love, its heartbreaking and rewarding and beats any recent Silver Surfer material. Just grab a copy today and stop choosing sides at least for one day and walk that neutral line where you dont have to be too cool for school indie and neither super nerdified wolverine obsessed fanboy. Strange Tales gives us what should be a national holiday. Stay tuned for the Hernandez brothers and the Scarlet Witch, come on too good to be true right?

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