Thursday, March 11, 2010


And last but not least something to brighten your day maybe even your week or hell why not, YOUR WHOLE YEAR!!!!!!!!! KICK-ASS the movie hits screens worldwide APRIL 16th. MATTHEW VAUGHAN looks poised to do what ZACH SNYDER could only dream of doing, and that's making a film based on a comic book that you'll actually be glad you saw. Based on MARK "SHOW ME THE $$" MILLAR'S vicious, real to life comic based on fan boy vigilantes who find out that being a superhero isn't exactly like it is in the comic books. If you haven't seen the trailer, check out this link;

And that's your 60 seconds of weekly comic news, until next time...

-gerald von stoddard

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


WALKING DEAD TV SHOW. In case you didn't know, AMC will be producing WALKING DEAD for television,with Robert Kirkman as Executive Producer and Frank Darabont( Shawshank Redemption) directing. If Kirkman puts as much love into this as he does the comic we will all have a new addiction.

Possibly the funniest web thread out there right now discussing the science of Black Lanterns vs. White Lanterns. And to think Geoff Johns was suggesting any possible racist tendencies, pfft, its all about the science baby! check out this link:

That's it, Your 60 seconds of comic news from around the world!

Gerald von Stoddard