Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Ansis Purins, art school drop-out, rock singer, human being. Yet what separates Ansis from the run of the mill Bostonian homo sapien rat race is the way he tells a story with his illustrative style that lends itself to early century funny papers. Zombre is far from old school though, we were digging on the first issue of ZOMBRE so much we told everyone we knew how awesome this indie comic was. He recently sent us a preview of what is to be the 2nd issue and not only were we flattered but we were digging on it even more. A departure from the 1st issue and it's silent movie B-Horror film noir quality, this one is campy, tongue in cheek, bitter sweet and ends with a cliff hanger that would fit right in at the end of a LOST episode. Ansis' work reminds me of Kochalka (SUPER-F#$KERS) without being a copy of anything else, it is full of original thought and style and I'm a convert and die hard fan and you will be too.