Monday, February 22, 2010


DC has decided Grant Morrison is, well too Grant Morrison and they will not be letting him take over the monthly title of Wonder Woman, his Amazon princess will have her own universe in Morrison-ville!

Astonishing is the new black as Marvel launches another Astonishing title with Spider-Man & Wolverine on top of the X-men title, claiming Astonishing will be the new Ultimate universe…maybe?

Guy Ritchie to direct a live action “LOBO” film, really? I cant wait for unintelligible cockney accents in space and all the intergalactic cock fights..stay tuned.

Geoff Johns promoted to Chief Creative Officer, hey it worked for Marvel with Quesada but what took you so long DC?

Brother Voodoo gets canceled and moved to the Avengers, consolation prize anyone!

A printer at Marvel notices a blank sign on a panel in Captain America issue #602. He told a letterer to fix that because it was already late being printed, no one consulted Quesada and the letterer came across a protest sign on the internet and plugged it in, sign read” TEA BAG THE LIBERAL DEMS BEFORE THEY TEA BAG YOU” comic has been recalled apologies all around and dust settles but hey letterer, let's say when DC was promoting Jim Lee and Geoff Johns you were looking for work at the Starbucks around the corner, am I right?

There you have it,
30 Seconds of Your Weekly comic News from around the world!

Gerald von Stoddard