Saturday, October 9, 2010

NYCC updates

Well folks id love to show you the awesome pictures I've been taking all weekend but I have just learned that the iPad is for playing video games not actually being able to digitally connect with the world around you. Ben Bishop seems stoked to be signing alongside Jim Krueger today at the Atlas booth for the relaunch of the Stand In that Jim has scribed. If you don't know Mr. Krueger he is the man behind JUSTICE, INVADERS and EARTH-X. Met an awesome artist from Boston who creates amazingly fantastical dreamlike creatures in a book called TOFUSQUIRREL. If you were around when we had our Indy Comic Book Week this past winter, you might recall an awesome book called AMERICAN TERROR put out by Alterna Press they have a radical booth made up like an army bunker to pimp their WWII comic about zombies, they want to come up and re create their bunker in the shop in Portland and I say hell yea! Rick Remender is a madman and Chad and I are stalking him, Phillip Tan is going to be the artist on a DC relaunch that some of you might be way into cant say anything he told me or maybe he cant say anything, just think feathers and magic metal, you mean that sounds more kinky then superhero fare? Just stay tuned. Jeff Lemire is the man and I caught him hanging out at theTop Shelf booth and got to just chat casually about how great Sweet Tooth continues to be and his excitement for the upcoming SUPERBOY title he will be penning. Day 2 of NY Comic-Con and Chad and I aren't even close to being done. Grant Morrisons documentary debuts in the city tonight and if we can survive anime weirdness and 12 foot swords we just might make it. I will be doing a recap blog post WITH pictures once I figure out how to find the 13th adapter that lets you hook up your digital camera to this glorified itouch. Oh and if anyone wants a leather jacket with the giant word EXCELSIOR emblazoned on it, their here!

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