Sunday, August 8, 2010


Comics aren't just for boys, just ask Liz Prince who is all woman and she's not afraid to show you how true that is. From her auto bio comic WILL YOU STILL LOVE ME IF I WET THE BED to DELAYED REPLAYS, she's telling it like it is and carrying no shame along the way. It's not easy to hold a window to ones personal life and shine a light on it for others to see especially those moments we usually take for granted but PRINCE shines a very bright light and gives us a glimpse into her nerdy, quirky life that is both sweet and touching as well as uncomfortable and edgy. There's something very engrossing about PRINCE'S artwork that is cuddly and itchy at the same time switching gears without a moment's notice turning ugly into beautiful and funny into sad. The comics are a roller coaster through a very real persons eyes without a whole lot of fluff and I for one enjoy the down to earth sincerity of it all. I recently read WILL YOU STILL LOVE ME... in bed with my wife and it began to seem as if we were looking into a mirror, we laughed and at times looked at each other through the corner of our eyes quizzically and perhaps with a trepidation to see each other's warts and all but if LIZ PRINCE can do it then dammit so can we! You can see more of Liz prince @ her website :

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