Tuesday, August 31, 2010


It was a late summer day and as I worked behind the counter of the comic shop when a certain young lady with a desperate look in her eye asked me for Jeffrey Brown's newest book- moment of panic-desperate look transferred to my eyes as I googled at the speed of light-
"Who the HELL is Jeffrey Brown!!?? "
Yes it's true I hadn't heard of him and I vowed to put an end to that asap! In the light of never wanting to look stupid again I ended up finding a new favorite in introspective, personal comic storytelling such as I had found with the likes of Liz Prince and Craig Thompson. So are you now asking who the hell is Jeffrey Brown?? good because you should. His latest book is titled
CATS ARE WEIRD I hate to admit I'm a crazy cat person who shows off his pictures of his cat on my phone to anyone who will humor me, I stand up to dirty looks and half smiles because until I have real children these furry freaks will do. After reading this sweet sentimental look inside the feline mind I can tell Mr. Brown is one of those crazy cat people as well and now I don't feel as alone.

If you like comics straight up that just reflect the absurdity and frustrations of daily life without over saturated negativity then Brown might just be what you are looking for. It's as if I'm looking into a mirror in his work from FUNNY MISSHAPEN BODY- (* side note*if you have been to art school you'll love it!) So thank you desperate girl who didn't find then what we now cannot live without and thank you Jeffrey Brown for letting us in and making this guy feel not so alone and not so crazy!

To find out more about Jeffrey Brown's work visit his website at: http://www.jeffreybrowncomics.com/
or visit his blog at:

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