Tuesday, June 8, 2010


His name is JEF, that's right one "F" and his last name is CZEKAJ-that's pronounced CHECK-EYE he states and most people say it like SAJAK you know like PAT from Wheel of Fortune-wrong. Jef lives and works in Somerville, MA. and is a cartoonist, children's book author and illustrator, and musician. His comic, Grampa and Julie: Shark Hunters, ran in Nickelodeon Magazine for more than 10 years. A collection of the first three years of the comic was published with the help of a Xeric Foundation Grant and distributed by Top Shelf. Im still having a blast on JEF'S website which is a very fun interactive adventure-JEF opens up the labyrinth of his mind and shares it in virtual form and I'm still spraying graffiti all over a giant rock via a small bumble bee while listening to hip hop, yea that's right you heard me! HIP & HOP AND YOU DON'T STOP is a creation of JEF'S and features the creatures of SLOWJAMZ SWAMP and BREAKBEAT MEADOW. It's a modern re telling of the Tortoise and the Hare this time its taken to the streets of free style jams and hip hop warfare. What happens next could change OLDSKOOL COUNTY forever! It's an all ages book that deserves your attention and respect as the rap off of the year gets underway. And don't forget to check out Grampa and Julie: Shark Hunters, R2D2 is an Indie Rocker later retitled Hypertruck and the Circulatory Story.
You can read a great interview with Jef at this link

or visit his website at : http://www.czekaj.com/index.html

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