Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Well I'm not sure if drawing really does cure cancer but looking at Ryan LaMunyon's drawings cure me of my ills as I'm transported away into the frenetic, amped up world of Ryan's twisted imagination. Ryan is in the process of his first comic which I have included an image. Be at Coast City Comics on June 19th where I hear he might be debuting this amazing new body of work! I first met Ryan over coffee a year ago and was blown away by his electrifying style that feels like the page is plugged into an amp and cranked up to 11. All of his sketches have a reverence to European classical styling but given a modern make-over, infused with a introspective humor that will make you want to take it in over and over again!

I wish there were shelves full of Ryan's artwork in graphic novel form but we can only wait patiently until that day arrives and it may not too far away! In the meantime check out Ryan's blog and his website where you can see the variety of illustrations he's been working on for the last few years!



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