Thursday, May 13, 2010


There's nothing better then to turn the corner in your neighborhood and find not just comic book creators in your own backyard but highly talented and not just talented but positive role models with a never say die attitude in a digital age ready to kill the book! Portland is that place where you can find all of the above and one in particular sticks out and that is the artist known as Joel Zain Rivers. Rivers is a Xeric grant awarded self publishing,iPhone illustrating madman. Obion Comics is Joel's creation and a vehicle to get his stories out there without having to wait to be judged by the all mighty publishing companies that say do or die, its great to see people say oh yea? screw you I'll do it myself thank you. Its nothing new, Self published comics have been a staple of the medium for decades, its just a breath of fresh air to see that still alive and well in an age where iPads think they have all the power. Check out my interview with Joel on BlogTalkRadio on the player to the left. I had the chance to catch up with Joel and talk comics, yachts and digital comics. You can see Joel's work at the following links;
download Joel's iAllosaur for the iPhone

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