Monday, May 17, 2010


Sick of zombies are you? Well "ZOMBRE" the mini comic by Ansis Purins will slap you out of your zombie overdose and give new life to the overkill of the undead in comics today. This one features ZOMBRE VS. SLAPPY-MEGATHUNDER SHOWDOWN!-I mean come on if that name doesn't get you jazzed to the gills to tear into this comic then you should check your pulse to make sure you're still alive.
Besides this book being a fun read, the art is unreal. Its cartoonish but smart, I wish I could see it in full size, every page is a work of art to me with minimal words but the illustrations convey the story fully and I only wish there was more. On Ansis' website he describes ZOMBRE as;
"ZOMBRE faces some tough choices. Is the cool new guy who eats your pets really your friend? Will the forest ranger go bonkers or stay "groovy"?" That's it, enough said right? Check out Ansis website at

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  1. Issue #2 will be published with a generous grant from the Xeric Foundation.